Dad's Calling

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Ministries have unique beginnings. Tommy (DAD), a man who spent his life and career working to teach, coach, mold, and shape young people into responsible Christian men and women, began to volunteer at a local agency working with juveniles in a correctional facility. 


Upon leaving the facility, one young man was later incarcerated and wrote Tommy requesting Bible study material.  After sending several studies to him, he indicated they were too difficult. Tommy responded by sending a devotional book. The young man was extremely excited and later wrote requesting a book for another inmate. Soon, others began to write with similar requests. Dad’s Calling had unofficially begun! 


After six books were sent, Tommy was called home to be with the Lord. A wonderful woman who also served at the local facility volunteered to continue Tommy’s work by sending a devotional book when requests were received. During the first year, 26 books were sent. Then, an explosion of requests occurred! Tommy’s family joined in to help and to continue his legacy of sharing Christ and shaping lives. 


One year later, Dad’s Calling was sending over 100 devotional books per month to prisoners in the state of Texas! Requests continue to increase monthly and books have been sent to 42 different prisons. Inmates share how this ministry is affecting their lives.


-“I’ve come across the most amazing devotional I’ve ever seen…Please, please, please send me one.”   (Roy)

-“I never realized how much of a positive effect that daily devotional had on my day until I have been without it for almost 2 weeks now.” (Matthew)

-“I seen a guy with one and its change his life.” (Jerimie)

-“I would just like to say y’all are bringing a lot of hope and praise to a lot of men and I would just like to say…Thank you and God Bless.” (Curtis)

-“I was taken aback by how wonderful the book is.  It is a beautiful gift you’re giving and I’m sure many lives have been touched by it.” (Patrick)


Thank you so much for praying and supporting Dad’s Calling. It is greatly appreciated!!