Gary & Judi Ogle

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Pastor Gary and Judi Ogle, having both graduated from Columbia International University, have spent the past 18 years in rural pastoral ministry in Maine and Colorado. They have three sons still at home.

Having sensed God’s leading to move to Wyoming to care for Gary’s parents, they stepped out in faith believing God had a new path for them. Both have a heart for pastoral couples and their need for a friend and someone to ‘be there’. As they were preparing to move, the Lord gave Gary the name ‘In the Shadow’ for their new ministry. God turned his attention to some verses from His Word that speaks of being in His shadow. The first “In the shadow” is found in Psalm 36:7-10. There God says we are to rest “In the shadow” of His wings. “In the shadow” of God’s wings we find refuge, feast on His abundance, and drink from His river of delights. The result is having life renewed and experiencing God’s love afresh. The Ogles want to be instruments to bring these wonderful, healing times to pastoral/missionary couples. They want to be able to travel to the hurting, call on the phone to the hurting, and minister to the hurting so they can again be reminded of the blessings of being “In the shadow” of God’s wings and find healing for their troubled souls following their “experiences” in life and ministry.

The second “In the shadow” comes after God has renewed the hurting, the discouraged, and the downcast. This “In the shadow” is found in Isaiah 49:1-6. This time it is being “In the shadow” of God’s hand. Here God is speaking to His servant, whom He called. Here, this sharp sword and polished arrow of God’s says “I have labored in vain; I have spent my strength for nothing” (verse 4 English Standard Version). But God turns to this hurting servant and says “I will make you as a light for the nations, that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth.” The hurting servant will go back to the ministry he/she has been given and accomplish what God has given them to do.

So the ministry they believe God is calling them to is to be “In the shadow”. First, to be instruments of God so His hurting servants can experience being “In the shadow” of His wings, His healing. Then they can be sent out “In the shadow” of God’s hand to bring salvation to the nations.

Having gone through loneliness, burnout and physical issues themselves, they feel they have the experience and healing necessary to care for others in ministry. They will be working to provide help where needed for the missionaries associated with Cord. They also are volunteers with En Gedi Retreat in Yampa CO, doing pastoral follow up for those who have used the retreat as well as other avenues the Lord opens up to them.