Heather Askew

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After spending nearly ten years working in the film industry in Los Angeles, Heather felt called to do something more to give back to the world. During her time working in film, she had the opportunity to work overseas several times and witness first-hand the poverty much of the world lives in. It was during a mission trip to Uganda, Africa that she first felt a powerful desire to live overseas, but it wasn't until a two week trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand in November of 2010 that she really found a place she could see herself making a difference.


Heather spent over three years working with at risk children who live in slum villages in the red light district of the city before transitioning to work with HUG Project as a case manager in 2014. After two years working in prevention, protection and restoration aspects of anti-trafficking work, in January of 2017 she co-founded a new organization called Jojo’s Sanctuary with some Thai colleagues to address some gaps in service in Northern Thailand.


Jojo's Sanctuary was started in honor of a little boy Heather knew who died as the result of child abuse in 2016. The program works to educate, protect and empower vulnerable children, families and communities in Northern Thailand. The Jojo’s team accomplishes this task with the Child and Family Empowerment program to train those who work with children in child protection techniques, assists illiterate parents with applying for their children’s citizenship, and strengthens families through a program called Building Family Dreams.


Jojo’s Sanctuary also works with the NGO Care for Children and the Thai government to develop and implement a national family-based foster care system to support children to be in families, not orphanages. Jojo’s Sanctuary staff are registered as foster parents and will specialize in short-term, emergency foster care to provide a home for children in crisis or transition.