Megan & Nick Hood

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Connie's Home


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Nick and Megan Hood, and their four children, will be serving in Northern Thailand as the new full-time managers (in training) of Connie’s group foster home.


Megan’s parents, Richard and Connie Cummins, started the large-scale foster home about 18 years ago, when she was about thirteen years old. Megan spent ten years growing up around these foster children and is very familiar with the ins and outs of this work. Connie’s group foster home can be home to as many as twenty-two children at one time. The home takes the sickest infants from the local orphanage, who might otherwise die from common illnesses, nurses them back to health and houses them until they are adopted.


Nick and Megan are very excited to be going back to serve full time and carry on the family ministry in Thailand. They look forward to providing a temporary home and being a family to children while they wait to join their forever families.