Pama Tavernier

Please make checks payable to Cord Ministries International. Include the ID number in the memo line. Also, please feel free to include a personalized note.

Christian Friends of Israel


Cord Ministries International

PO Box 620760
Littleton, CO 80162


Attn: ID#

CFI exists to comfort and to support the people of Israel, and to inform Christians around the world of God's plans for Israel. (Isaiah 40:1).

Being a Human Resource Coordinator Pama helps applicants through the process of becoming a volunteer. She connects with major government gatekeeping organizations such as the Ministry of Interior, in order to keep volunteer’s visas current.  Annually she receives an invitation to President Reuven Rivlin’s residence which honors Christian Communities in the land.

She occasionally assists in the Distribution Center which gives clothing to the poor in the community.  She has accompanied her coworkers in outreach projects by visiting and encouraging holocaust survivors, Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers on the border, and victims of terrorist and rocket attacks. At times she provides financial  support and food vouchers to those in need.

Pama mainly operates as support staff at CFI to help its smooth operation.  Cooking, editing written materials, computing health insurance benefits, helping new volunteers adjust to the culture, doing mailings and other administrative tasks help keep the organization running.  It also allows those doing outreach to be able to fulfill CFI ministry goals.

Genesis 12:3 states that those who bless the Jewish people will be blessed.  Those who come alongside Pama will be one who is chosen to serve the chosen people.  And there is great blessing for those who serve with her through prayer and finances.

CFI’s ministry objectives can be viewed on their website at  CFI is always looking for long-term volunteers.