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Lucas and Betzabe Colmenares

Please make checks payable to Cord Ministries International. Include the ID number in the memo line. Also, please feel free to include a personalized note.


Cord Ministries International

PO Box 620760
Littleton, CO 80162


Attn: ID#

We are Lucas and Betzabe Colmenares, from Venezuela. In 1999 the National Baptist

Convention of Venezuela (CNBV) sent us to North Africa, where we ministered to

Muslims through social development programs and certain sports activities.

Presently we are located in Madrid, Spain, where we continue to minister to Muslims.

We also serve Spanish residents and Spanish-speaking immigrants in the community.

For several years now we have been pastoring a church which started out in our own

home. Now, because of covid restrictions, our activities are limited, but we continue to

gather in fellowship via social media platforms. These are challenging times!

In addition, Lucas has been coaching basketball in both Spain and North Africa, both as

a social and a ministerial project, sowing seeds of faith in young people from the age of

seven on up to adults. Before the pandemic, one of the teams in our club ranked

number one in their category. Some of the parents of our players have not only received

the Word, but they have also taken steps of faith.

Lastly, we are coordinating CNBV's World Missions program, a monumental task

considering the current situation in Venezuela. We need a lot of help both to send out

workers and to sustain the pastors and missionaries in Venezuela itself. God is using

our beloved country, despite its difficult political-economic scenario, to further his

kingdom. He is caling Venezuelan families and they are responding. We serve,

encourage and support them as we strive together toward the finish line, and "to the

ends of the earth".

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