For those who serve as missionaries, workers, and project leaders with Cord...

For those who serve as missionaries, workers, and project leaders with Cord...

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

If I have already applied to the Family Connection Foundation in Thailand and have been accepted, do I need to fill out another application for CORD?

No. If you have been accepted with FCF, you can easily be a part of CORD. From the very inception of CORD we have intended for a close partnership with FCF. There are still some papers to submit, but your approval has been done by FCF.

If I want to serve in a ministry other than the Family Connection Foundation, how do I apply to CORD?

You may receive an application for missions service with CORD by writing the director at

Who gives oversight to CORD missionaries?

CORD has a legal and ethical responsibility to its donors to ensure that CORD missionaries are aligned with their mission. However, direct oversight of daily operations, annual planning and other relevant work related activities are conducted by on-site leadership.

·        CORD missionaries with Family Connection Foundation are directly accountable to FCF leadership. FCF in turn reports relevant information to the CORD office. 

·        Honduran missionaries serve with and under the direction of the Association of Central American Churches of Honduras (ASIECAH) with whom the missionaries work.

·        Missionaries in the USA, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, and Czech Republic, and other countries as added, work under a local church or serve with an approved ministry.

What does it mean to be an independent contractor?

Since the activities of CORD missionaries are not controlled by CORD, missionaries are independent contractors.  Because of this status CORD cannot legally provide benefits such as health insurance, retirement or non-taxable reimbursements.  By not providing these services, CORD missionaries experience a huge amount of personal freedom in ministry and a very low administrative cost. 

How often must I report to CORD and what type of report is required?

CORD asks that you send us the prayer updates and news letters that you send to your supporters.  These should be sent at least once a quarter.

Where can I locate CORD’s important documents?