helen naples

Helen grew up all over the US. Having had the opportunity to set foot in 48 states. She is still hoping to get to North Dakota and Alaska. Graduated from high school in Pittsburgh, and went to college at Penn State.
Helen raised a family in North Carolina while running a business (health club for women) for 25 years. She became a devotee of Jesus and Zumba at the same time. She is not sure if they are related, but says life is more abundant with both. A few years ago she moved to Thailand and is currently and has the privilege of serving with the HUG Project Thailand:  preventing, protecting, and restoring children from sexual abuse and trafficking in Northern Thailand. 

HUG is doing amazing work- collaborating with local, national, and international law enforcement, as well as partner NGO’s- to promote the use of multi-disciplinary teams and a victim-centered approach.  As a member of the TICAC (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children) task force, HUG is honored to support the efforts of law enforcement to rescue children from internet-facilitated sexual exploitation and to prosecute those who harm children.

Helen is from North Carolina and has two grown daughters.  Follow her journey at:  www.TheElephantChronicles.com

Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.  - Psalm 82:4