Johanna Salchert -   Baan Jai Dee   Children's Home

     Johanna Salchert - Baan Jai Dee Children's Home

   Johanna comes from Sheboygan, WI, USA

Please read as she shares her heart for this ministry.

“I am the 4th child of 8 biological siblings. My parents started taking in medically needy children when I was 17 years old. Our family’s niche has been caring for babies and children who are terminally ill, but we’ve also brought home and nurtured other children with lighter medical issues, including a set of triplets!

I’ve been blessed to have so much experience taking care of kids and I loved working with my family in this way. God has given me a heart to serve Him by caring for children in need. For several years He was growing in me a heart for the beautiful countries and people of Southeast Asia. In 2104 I felt God calling me to Thailand and I joyfully went, landing in Chiang Mai in April of 2015. Since then I have been working and living at Baan Jai Dee “Home of the Kind Hearted”. Baan Jai Dee is a home that rescues “at risk” children who have been abandoned, relinquished or orphaned.

The children at Baan Jai Dee are very much a part of my every-day. I spend much of my time with them when they are home from school and during school breaks. I enjoy playing with them as well as helping them through their daily routines, driving them to school, and doing meal prep for them. I also take time each week to teach English classes to the children. When I am not doing English prep or spending time with the kids I am doing whatever I can to help in the Baan Jai Dee office. Life keeps me very busy and I enjoy all of it! I love serving in this capacity - Helping to providing a nurturing and safe environment for the children to grow, thrive, be loved, and told about our Savior Jesus Christ.

Baan Jai Dee exists for the children to hear about the love of God and His plan of redemption. There is such a huge need in Thailand for people to care for these lost and hurting children. We love on children from hard places and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.”

Johanna Salchert

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