Karl and Dale Rewa

                           Karl and Dale Rewa

Church planting in freeport, MI

In late 2016 we began to ask God “What should we do with our remaining years?”  Our hearts have always been for the local church, especially those in small towns that have very little church presence. 

As we began to pray, the town of Freeport, MI continued to be on our hearts and mind.  We decided to take the first step toward Freeport by asking God to make this move very clear to us.  Every door has opened into this little town; leaving us to believe that we are on the right path.

During our days off we began walking the streets of this town, asking a few folks in various businesses if there was a strong church presence in Freeport. Every person said “absolutely not!”

We know from the 2010 Census there are about 480 people living in the Village limits. We plan to bring a strong Gospel presence to town as well.  We would appreciate your prayers and support.