Kelsey Bryant

I've had the blessing of ministering in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the last two years.
This last July, I got the opportunity to volunteer part-time with an organization called Earth Mission Asia, teaching English and other education classes.  Earth Mission Asia (EMA) runs a program providing education and medical training to the people of the Karen hill tribe inside Myanmar. As I got the chance to teach and get to know their students, they quickly worked their way into my heart. The Karen people are filled with cultural pride and bursting with life, their faces alight with the glow of hope for their people. They’re passionate about changing Myanmar and so motivated to learn.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Myanmar has the worst health care of any country in the world, second only to Sierra Leone. That’s below Nigeria, Rwanda, Cambodia, the Central African Republic and 185 other member states. In Eastern Myanmar alone, the mortality rate for birthing mothers is over 25 times higher than in the States. EMA’s work among the Karen tribe is changing those statistics and bringing hope. Training Karen students who lack traditional educational opportunities, EMA empowers them and facilitates their education before supporting their transition back to their villages to open clinics and bring healthcare to the remotest parts of inner Myanmar.
These past months, as I worked among the Karen students, I saw God begin to move, stirring my heart for the people of Myanmar and cultivating the idea of my returning back to East Asia. Unbeknownst to me, at the same time, God brought to light the need for EMA to hire an additional staff member to aid in teaching and handling media. As some of you know, two of my biggest passions are visual arts and teaching! God brought my gifts and EMA’s need together, opening the door for me to minister alongside EMA.
Outside of my own striving and seeking, it’s become clear that God is calling me back to East Asia next year. EMA officially offered me a position with their staff back in September. I’ll be teaching English, Math, and Critical Thinking next year to their first-year foundation students. Additionally, I’ll be traveling inside Myanmar to EMA’s health clinics, recording the stories of the Karen people and spreading the word about their courage and struggle against the desperate conditions they face. I couldn’t be more excited about God’s plan for these next few years, and I’m hoping that you’ll be a part of the story.
Since EMA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, they aren’t able to offer their staff members a salary. This is where you enter the story. God has opened the doors for ministry here in East Asia, and now I’m asking you if you’ll step out in faith with me. Will you be a part of God’s plan and provision in Myanmar, at EMA, and for thousands of Karen people dying for lack of basic healthcare? Will you join my monthly support team?  I’m asking for a commitment to a monthly donation of $100, or whatever you can give. There is a great need among the Karen people and you and I both have the chance to be involved! Please pray about this opportunity and visit the link below to give and join my ministry team here in East Asia. 
To donate to support the ministry in Thailand, CLICK HERE
To find out more about the work that EMA is doing, visit the link below.