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Michelle is currently on "Home Assignment" working towards paying off her school debts. She hopes to return to Thailand and her ministry there in early 2018. Please contact Michelle for more information.


For several years now, I have been a part of The River Church here in ChiangMai, Thailand.  This year they have become not only my church family but also the Team that I am grateful to work alongside of each day. Our River Team exists to transform entire communities and bring sustainable development. Ultimately we want to be Christ to this generation in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  Our passion is to help bring positive change and growth according to the specific needs of each community or village. We do this by building relationships with the local leaders or government and asking them what they believe their greatest needs are. Some of the ways we serve are through teaching English, weekly kids clubs and youth programs, home and hospital visits, hosting training and conferences, leading games and English activities in the local schools as well as connect groups in various homes throughout the community.

In a primarily Buddhist culture, good deeds and volunteer work are associated with making ‘merit’ or earning good karma to make up for the wrong that we do. We are told that the difference for them is that we actually want to know them and pursue a friendship with each person.  It is from these relationships that we get to mentor those who have become Christ followers already or want to learn about the hope that we have that is bringing about this holistic change in their lives and families. We work in four locations within Thailand including ChiangMai, Bangkok, the South, and hill-tribe villages in the mountains. We are also beginning to train and replicate this approach to believers in the surrounding countries of Southeast Asia.

Just as the woman at the well went and told the whole community of the interaction she had with Jesus, we also want to present a love that is so attractive that people want to know the source of it!

If you have any questions about The River or for me personally, feel free to email me at Michelle_booker7@yahoo.com. If you would like to receive my monthly newsletters, please also send me a message to be added to these email updates or to join my private Facebook group for more frequent prayer requests and praises! Thank you so much for those that have partnered with me through prayer, encouragement or financial support at any time throughout these past three years. You are just as much a part of the miracles and work that God is doing here.

You can also check out the video below that shows more of The River work!

The River Thailand