nate & kara ullrich

Nate and Kara are in the process of relocating to the United States to better continue their support of the ministry in Thailand and the expansion of Cord Ministries International. Please contact Nate for more information.

Nate currently serves in two distinct but closely connected roles. First he serves as the Executive Pastor of Chiang Mai Christian Fellowship (CCF). His responsibilities in this capacity include: the development and oversight of CCF programs; the volunteer structure that enables these programs; as well as the development of the church’s ability to fulfill its mission to glorify God by supporting and empowering the community of believers that attend CCF. He occasionally has the opportunity to fill in as preacher, but most of his tasks are administrative.

Secondly, Nate serves as the Executive Administrator for The Family Connection Foundation (FCF) which is the Church’s mission outreach to Southeast Asia. His responsibilities in this area include the development and oversight of 15 projects and 80+ Thai staff and foreign volunteers that work with the foundation. As a legally licensed Thai foundation FCF serves the projects through providing developmental and legal oversight, visa and work permit management, financial processing and management, media and IT support, logistics, community development, networking, professional development, recruiting, and many other services. Ultimately, Nate is charged with running an organization that empowers, supports, and encourages ministries all over South East Asia.

Kara is the backbone of the Ullrich household as a full time wife and mom to Aiden and Ember. Kara has her hands full during the day, stimulating the children's personal growth, while buying groceries and managing the family’s “Operating Budget”, and keeping the house in order. As the primary Thai Speaker, she keeps their lives from crumbling before them on a daily basis as they live in a culturally different and diverse community. While working from home, Kara participates on FCF’s media team as the Script & Copy Writer, developing writing for FCF projects and missionaries. Her job is to tell the stories of what God is doing in Thailand by way of script and print. You can read Kara’s writing on our website (, in FCF orientation materials, project brochures, and hear it in the project promotional videos as well as the missionary support raising videos.