About Cord

We strive to use a Biblical approach to facilitate and serve others in ministry by partnering with them as a strand is a part of a cord. We will do so in an encouraging, non-controlling, helpful, empowering, spiritual and eternally impacting manner; and to this we commit to aligning ourselves daily.

Michael Ullrich (and wife Bonita), Exec. Director, Pastor, and Founder


Michael & Bonita were rural church missionaries for 35 years, serving the last church in Colorado for 15 years. While there they started a program through the church handling support for a couple of other rural missionaries and their son who was going to Thailand to teach at a Christian international school in Chiang Mai. In 2011 Cord Ministries International was incorporated at the Lord’s leading in anticipation of taking on a few more people serving in Thailand. Then things started to snowball. Mike and his wife Bonita had been doing the donor processing "in house" up until 2013 and realized that their dream to run a sending organization in their later years. The incoming check load was becoming a challenge to handle along with regular ministry, and there was no setup for online giving. In 2014 they outsourced donation handling to a company in Wheaton, IL that handles about 60 non-profit organizations, some of which are much bigger than Cord.

Outsourcing made it possible to infinitely expand and scale according to need. By the time they "retired" from rural pastoral ministry in late 2014, directing Cord was more than a half-time job. Now it is full-time for the most part. They moved the "corporation" to Arizona because they moved to AZ where we could afford to live and be near at least one of their 7 children and multiple grandchildren.

The vision for Cord is that everyone working with Cord works with and under another organization where they serve. Cord received 501c3 recognition of tax exempt status in 2013 and is set up as a virtually based ministry. All donations (mailed and electronic) are processed through the Wheaton address and the ministry can be run from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.