pama tavernier

Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) Ministry Statement

CFI exists to comfort and to support the people of Israel, and to inform Christians around the world of God's plans for Israel. (Isaiah 40:1).

My Job

My current job title is Human Resource Coordinator:  I help applicants through the process of becoming a volunteer with CFI.  I also support our staff by keeping current their visas, health benefits, time sheets, and meals.  I do many administrative tasks that help to keep the organization running and those doing outreach to be able to fulfill the ministry goals.

About every other month I accompany one of my co-workers in their outreach projects.  I have visited with and encouraged holocaust survivors, soldiers on the border, and victims of terrorist and rocket attacks.  I will be transitioning into an outreach project as soon as we find another qualified person to work with me in human resources.

My work also includes team building of my co-workers, and spreading the light of Messiah in my community. 

CFI has many ministry objectives which I have not included but can be viewed on our website at