paul & karyn meier

The tug on Paul and Karyn’s hearts to do something more began even before they were married 10 years ago. Missions has been a part of both of their lives for quite some time.  Months before they married they traveled to Central Asia on a short-term team.  Not only did it solidify their desire to be together but it also gave them a glimpse of what they hoped would be in their future.  In 2010 they took their almost 2 year old son to Thailand for a short 10 day vision trip.  As they walked the streets they felt comfortable. They felt a connection.  At that time they did not know what would lie ahead.  After adding two beautiful girls to their family they felt the tugging at their hearts once again. Thailand was at the top of the short list for ministry locations.  In the fall of 2014 they began the process of joining FCF’s project support team.

Paul will be helping as a supporter of the many projects that are under FCF.  His main objective will be to help the volunteers who are a part of these projects by encouraging, training, and casting vision.  He will also encourage and help give oversight to the short-term teams that come through.  Because FCF has grown and is now impacting many different areas of the community.  He will also be directly involved helping the project leaders cast their vision in hopes of continuing to move their projects forward.

Karyn’s main focus will be their three children.  She is very artistic and hopes to explore ways she can use her ability to reach out to others.  She is also a wonderful cook and would like to eventually have people in their home they can encourage and share Christ’s love with.  In addition both Paul and Karyn will pursue language learning.  They desire to know and reach those around them for Christ and knowing the local language is a must.

We are so grateful for those who pray with their hearts and give of their resources.  Thanks for joining the Meier’s on God’s ministry team in Chiang Mai!