Sammee clerkin

Dear partners in Ministry,

I have been blessed to be invited to go to Thailand for about a year to do God's work at the Light Center. The Light Center is like a pregnancy center for young pregnant Thai ladies who have nowhere else to go. My works is to be simple and humble in nature: I will be helping those ladies in any way I can, primarily by taking care of their young ones while they are away at school or work, and helping them when they return to the Center. There is also cleaning the maternity home, helping the mothers with anything they might need, as well as a variety of small deeds that aren't necessarily required of an intern.

This opportunity is such a blessing, as I believe God has been leading me to go on a mission trip for roughly three years now. At the time I didn't know where I would be going or when, but when I learned of the internship at the Light Center I knew I had to go. My original plans for the trip at the beginning of the year fell through, and I experienced frustration at being told I was not going to be able to go. I prayed and believed wholly every time, God was telling me Thailand was the place, and this was the time, and if He didn't want me to go, He would close the door at the source. I have honestly never experienced this much joy and excitement at the thought of being able to go do the Lord's work and cannot wait for it to start! If you wish to help with support, this is what to do.