tom And Marie steinkamp

Tom was born in Baltimore, MD and grew up throughout Colorado and Nebraska. While in grade school in Mancos, Colorado he was coached in basketball by his pastor, Tim Dunham (now the director of FCF). In 2007 this relationship would bring Kathy (Tom’s mom) to Thailand during that summer and every one following. In the summer of 2008 Tom made his way to Thailand the first time working for 2 weeks teaching English at Mars Hill School. At the end of the trip he knew he would be going back.

In the following summers Tom spent a couple months in Thailand, and in the summer of 2011, Tom took on an internship at FCF. The internship included a full branding scheme for 14 projects and culminated in a brand book defining what branding for FCF should look like. In December 2012, after spending 10 months at FCF, Tom headed back to America to finish schooling. He returned to Thailand in October 2013 for a full time position as FCF’s graphic designer and Brand Manager. In February 2014 he took on a team of 7 others as Communications Manager with Darin Dunn as Communications director.

Tom believes it is important to communicate effectively and honestly and not “sell” people on what the projects they work with. To this end the communications team uses skills in graphic design, video production, web programing, scripting, and fine arts, to communicate the story of what God is doing in Thailand in a way many NGOs don’t have resources to.

Because of the nature of doing this kind of work in Thailand, Tom must raise support to stay and work. The work Tom does would garner a high income in the US and is invaluable to Family Connection Foundation.

          Tom and Marie

          Tom and Marie