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Chris & Esther

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Chris and Esther are a couple who met in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Esther had been serving in the field of anti-trafficking and child-care. She first met Chris’s parents, and then Chris when he came to visit his parents in Chiang Mai. Chris and Esther found that their values, passions, and life goals were very similar, and that they each had qualities that they desired in a life partner. Chris and Esther extended their stays in Thailand, and before long, they were married.

Chris serves as a freelance editor, involved in various tasks such as copy editing, proofreading, and consulting, for projects in specialized fields. The nature of this work and digital technology enable Chris to carry out his work from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Esther is passionate to be a voice to the voiceless, and the hands and feet of Jesus to bring freedom to captives of human trafficking. In addition to counseling survivors, she also wants to raise safety awareness in various communities, so that children and other members of the communities can find practical ways to stay safe at home, in public, or online.

Chris and Esther currently face challenges as a cross-cultural couple, since so far they have been unable to get visas to visit each other’s countries. They need documents to prove that their marriage is official, but their unique circumstances and the complex immigration situation worldwide make this very difficult and time-consuming. They have experienced months of separation, and are in need of prayer that God will work on their behalf during this time of waiting, in the same way He miraculously brought them together.

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