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What does partnership with Cord Look like?


Receiving and receipting funds for ministry is one of the primary challenges for living abroad while working with one of our ministry partnerships. Whether you are an individual or institution Cord can provide a straight forward process of receiving, receipting and managing funds raised for projects that fit Cord's exempt purposes and are under the direct oversight of Cord partners.


Working in a foreign context creates a unique challenge when trying to stay connected to your ministry support team in the US. Let us help! We can customize receipting to give ministry updates as needed or even go visit a supporting church if that is what is needed.


Cord's peer-oriented network of like minded individuals and organizations was created so that we can collectively explore, refine and share solutions for challenges in ministries. Whether you have solutions to share or are looking for solutions to a complex problem, the Network is a great place to start.


Looking to start a new project? Cord has years of experience assisting ministry leaders with the start up and launch process. We can provide prayer technical,  management, and infrastructure  tools or administrative templates for various circumstances.


Cord's staff and partnership network is comprised of decades of diverse ministry experience. Since ministry is full of complex process and technical challenges, we have dedicated ourselves to exploring, refining and sharing cost effective, sustainable solutions.


Looking to fill a volunteer role in your organization? Let us post a job for you on our job board. It will get distributed to our network of partnerships and perhaps we can help you find the right person for the job. Looking to get that person to the field? Ask about our funds processing tools.

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