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Karl & Dale Rewa

Please make checks payable to Cord Ministries International. Please include a separate note along with your check designating who you are choosing to become a support partner with.

Church Planting


Cord Ministries International

PO Box 620760
Littleton, CO 80162


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Karl and Dale Rewa are planting a church in the Village of Freeport, Michigan.

It was in early 2017 that they started meeting as a church in Freeport. The Village Community Center was available for Sunday Evening services and they officially started the first Sunday of May. Consequently, The Gathering Place of Freeport was born.  The model is simple, every Sunday afternoon they set up the chairs and equipment, Gather together for a while, sing a few worship songs, study the bible, and then put it all away. Afterwards the church family stands around and visits, enjoying the refreshment that the folks bring in for the meeting.  Every Sunday is a blessing!

It is not really all that complicated. Jesus gave us a commandment. John reminds us of it in his epistle, “And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment.” (1 John 3:23 NKJV) It makes us wonder what would happen in our towns if folks would just believe what God has said about His Son, and work hard at loving one another?  Church should be a safe place for anyone to attend and feel loved by God and His people.

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