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Kavon Pearson

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Kavon Pearson Ministries


Cord Ministries International

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Littleton, CO 80162


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Kavon Pearson Ministries

Kavon Pearson has had a heart for justice ever since he was little. He was raised in Waldorf, Maryland, with his twin brother Kevin. He graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Law & Society concentration in legal studies. When he graduated in 2013, he got the privilege of being a North American Mission Board student missionary in Denver, Colorado, and serving with a church, Bear Valley, to take part in a summer internship with their Multi-housing ministry.

Kavon felt like God had called him to ministry that summer while playing basketball with teens and building a relationship to the Gospel.

In 2014, he returned to Denver, Colorado, to serve as a Community Youth Pastor working with at-risk teens in the community. He also served as a Pastoral Resident at Summit Church, Denver 2015- 2022. In 2017, he co-founded and launched Mission 98, a ministry that did outreach to multi-housing communities and coached churches on how to do so. Kavon served as the Program Director for Mission 98 (formally the Multi-Housing ministry at Bear Valley Church) between 2014- January 2022.

Kavon continues strategizing and coaching churches to reach and minister in the multi-housing context. He will continue to be a catalyst in the communities he finds himself in and a national consultant/ coach to apartment owners and pastors.

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