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Ken & Sharon Wade

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Ken and Sharon Wade have been in Asian ministries since 1995. Since 2005 they have been in Thailand serving with the Family Connection Foundation.

Ken attended graduate school at the University of Virginia and worked as a senior Clinical Engineer before moving his entire family to India to work with the 21 hospitals of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, a group of Indian Christian hospitals that trace their roots to an earlier age of medical missions.

After their oldest son graduated from high school, the family moved to Thailand where the younger two girls began junior and senior high school at Grace International School. Very quickly Sharon became involved in the school’s art program and started serving full-time as the high school art teacher, and eventually, the head of the department. Ken began helping the Family Connection Foundation as a “Project Manager” helping new ministries establish themselves in the country of Thailand and within the ministry family of the Family Connection Foundation.

Most recently they have begun working with Cord Ministries, Ken has been specifically focusing on helping national ministry leaders to develop effective ministries with a realistic understanding of their interaction with the outside world, developing administrative systems in the ministry context, and assisting in-country ministries in communicating to their constituents and stakeholders. Sharon has taken on the role of full-time fine artist for Cord, doing artwork to tell stories and support the ministries around the world.

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