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Solomon & Lavon Adams

Please make checks payable to Cord Ministries International. Please include a separate note along with your check designating who you are choosing to become a support partner with.

Elk Grove Church


Cord Ministries International

PO Box 620760
Littleton, CO 80162


Attn: ID#

Solomon & LaVon Adams have been serving the Lord as Missionary/Pastor to rural churches in NE & CO since 1986. They are currently building the Kingdom of God at First Baptist Church in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.


As they minister to people, they continue to “stand firm” in the Lord and have seen God change many lives as they have taught and lived out the Gospel.


They have three children walking after the Lord:

  • Andrew (wife Katrina) is the teaching pastor in Midland, TX.

  • Amanda (husband Phillip) living in Colorado Springs, CO.

  • Austin (wife Emily) is serving as a campus pastor in the Chicago area.


Solomon is especially gifted in caring for and shepherding people. LaVon's gifting are hospitality, loving and guiding women of all ages:  her home continues to be a great platform for outreach and growing God’s Kingdom.

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