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Som Promsri

Please make checks payable to Cord Ministries International. Please include a separate note along with your check designating who you are choosing to become a support partner with.

Growing Together


Cord Ministries International

PO Box 620760
Littleton, CO 80162


Attn: ID#

“Growing Together” serves disadvantaged communities in Northern Thailand by introducing simple, locally led and low cost solutions to address issues these communities face.  We focus on six aspect of community development:  Food, Water, Wellness, Income Generation, Education and Character.  We begin by fostering strong partnerships with community leaders and residents, seeking to inspire them to become agents of transformation in their communities and beyond.  We then provide training that highlights needs and equips communities and their leaders to work together to solve the challenges that are specific to their villages.  As communities begin to pursue sustainable transformation and development, our team provides mentoring and expert support along the way.  Our hope is that the work we do will multiply beyond the communities we serve, helping neighboring villages solve similar challenges they face.  Our ultimate goal is to establish a movement of social and spiritual transformation that spreads from village to village in Northern Thailand and beyond.

Pimchanok Promsri (Som) serves as the Project Manager for Growing Together.

“The vision and goals that I would like to see in Thailand are making God known in Thailand and to lift villagers out of cyclical poverty and to reduce inequality in Thailand.

Community Development is a sustainable solution to solve problems that helps people in the community have a better life and can reduce inequality within our societies.  I want for the people in the community to be able to see God’s help through our lives.  

Please pray for our work with the communities…that they may be able to see God through our lives, and that the communities will be able to develop spiritually and improve their well-being.”

Donations made via this page directly support Som’s work in communities.

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